“I play a movie extra and a double, so I don’t really have to look good or be well-dressed or fully made-up. That is what excites me and challenges me at the same time—how I can be able to transform into a character so different from who I am, from how people have known me for all these years.”– Vilma Santos

HEARTS- Education, Environment

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HEARTS- Education, Environment

E         -           EDUCATION

Molding Minds, Touching Hearts      

In terms of education, the Provincial School Board (PSB) had distributed school supplies to Grade 1 pupils; sports equipment to public school district; bicycles for indigent but deserving High School students from the municipalities of Calaca, Tuy & Lian, this served as means of transportation gong to and from schools located at far-flung areas. Bicycles were distributed to the municipalities identified by the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office as among the municipalities in Batangas that are most in need of support for students; and Scholarship for our Batangas Provincial Cultural/Science High School. The province has prioritized our Scholarship Program for indigent but deserving/qualified grantees to have access to quality education all over the province. There are more than 4,700 college student scholars who benefited from the program from 2008-2010.

Various programs under the Education sector include the Children Welfare Program which had provided for the Construction of OB Montessori Pre-School Buildings at 16 municipalities and 2 cities; the day care centers in the province are set to be elevated to Montessori level, the method characterized by an emphasis on self-directed activity on the part of the children and the Computer Literacy Program which benefited 135 Out-of-School Youth. All High Schools and Elementary Central Schools are envisioned to be Internet Ready.

We have already distributed language and reading workbooks/manuals for grade levels 1 to 3 for selected municipalities and lesson plans to both elementary and secondary teachers as well as the distribution of computer units with Wi-Fi connection to selected secondary schools.

Another program is the Reading Program also under “Project Vi” which provides a “mobile library” that shall travel to different municipalities/cities of the province. This will definitely help develop and enhance the ability/skill of a child since we are assisting and nurturing them in their formative age.

Educational Assistance was also provided to selected deserving students. For the infrastructure projects, for 2008-2010, a total of 73 elementary and high school VSR Type School buildings were constructed. Meanwhile, 74 school buildings were rehabilitated/improved and repaired.

1. Educational Programs ( PSB)-Educational Support Services

-Project Vi (Teachers’ training on reading)

Distribution of classroom Facilities

Distribution of Orbit Fans

Distribution of bicycle

-Bats. Provincial Cultural / Science HS Scholarship

Distribution of school supplies to 57,000 Gr. 1 pupils

Distribution of Sports Equipment – 49 public school districts

427 Grades 1 – 3 teachers

37 public school districts

22 coastal districts

300 indigent HS students- Calaca, Tuy & Lian

248 HS scholars

2. Batangas Provincial Scholarship Program 1st semester – 1,144 scholars2nd semester –  944 scholars
3. Infrastructure Projects-construction of VSR Type School
25 elementary & high school bldgs
-rehabilitation/improvement/repairs of school buildings 26 school buildings
-construction of Day Care Centers 10 Montessori – Taal, Tuy, Capitol, San Pascual, San Luis, Malvar, Cuenca, Lipa, padre Garcia, Sta. Teresita
4. Computer Literacy Project 41 Out of School Youths
1. Educational Programs             (PSB)-Educational Support Services-Project Vi

Capability Building

Mobile Library

-Provincial Cultural & Science HS

Distribution of school supplies to 57,000 Gr. 1 pupils

PSB teachers

37 public school districts

236 HS Scholars

2. Batangas Provincial Scholarship Program 1st semester – 2,450 scholars2nd semester – 2,450 scholars
3. Infrastructure Projects-construction of VSR Type School
25 elementary & high school bldgs
-rehabilitation/improvement/repairs of school buildings 24 school buildings
-construction of Day Care Centers
4 Montessori – Ibaan, Lobo, Calatagan, San Nicolas
4. Computer Literacy Project 43 Out of School Youths
1. Educational Programs ( PSB)-Educational Support Services-Distribution of Medals-Project Vi

Capability Building

Distribution of school supplies to 61,650 Gr. 1 pupils

1,666 Private/Public elem/hs

Public schools – 5 public schools

PSB teachers

2. Batangas Provincial Scholarship Program 1st semester – 1,129 scholars2nd semester – 1,082 scholars
3. Infrastructure Projects-construction of VSR Type School
23 elementary & high school bldgs
-rehabilitation/improvement/repairs of school buildings 24 school buildings
-construction of Day Care Centers 4 Montessori – Lemery, mabini, MataasnaKahoy, Rosario
4. Computer Literacy Project
51 Out of School Youths

E         -           ENVIRONMENT

Verdant Greens… Blue Waters…

For the environmental sector, we have to adhere to a Sustainable, Ecological and Environmental Protection, Waste Management and Pollution Control of Coastal, Marine and Land-Based Resources of the Province. In doing so, PG-ENRO formulated/prepared the Provincial Solid Waste Management Plan from the submitted SWM plans of component LGUs and likewise continue implementing and monitoring the Strategic Environmental Management Project of the Province.

Under the Waste Management and Pollution Control Project, drafting of the Environmental Code for Batangas Province is necessary. We also have to sustain the operationalization of the Batangas Provincial Mining Regulatory Board as the implementing entity for regulating small-scale mining in the Province of Batangas.

We also aim for a Forested Greener Batangas, which includes enforcement of devolved forestry laws, rules and regulations within the community based forestry projects, mangrove rehabilitation, watershed rehabilitation and establishment/maintenance of mini-forest wherein we are committed in providing 100,000 planting materials per year.

We are also concerned about our marine resources, that is why we have provided for a Habitat Restoration and Management Project by which the operation and management of established Marine Protected Area Network for the Province of Batangas was created through the MOA between the Provincial Government of Batangas and 8 Coastal Municipalities and 1 City. Furthermore, the sustenance of a comprehensive environmental education thru Information and Education Campaign is also very necessary.

And of course, under the Parks Management – Taal Lake and Pansipit River Improvement Project      is the Dismantling of Fishcages/pens along Pansipit River is still ongoing. Said dismantling is by virtue of an Executive Order #4, Series 2008 Creating an Inter Agency Task Force on Environmental Law Enforcement in Taal Volcano Protected Landscape (TVPL). A Committee for Livelihood which formulated a Unified Action Plan for Livelihood of Affected families of Pansipit, San Nicolas and Agoncillo had also been created. Regulation of fish cages is strictly enforced/observed and during the administration of Gov. Recto, there never was any major fish kill.

For 2008 and 2009, a total of 4,863 fish cages and 268 fish pens were dismantled. In 2009, 5,721 identification plates were distributed.



Dismantling of fish cages/pens/corals


1,538 fish cages

3,325 fish cages

488 fish cages

268 fish pens

5,721 identification plates distributed

Approx. No. for dismantling                       -           12,000
Less: Total Dismantled as of 2010           -           5,619
Approx. Balance                                          -           6,381

Other Environmental Projects Implemented from 2008-2010

1. Bay regions Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) -Implementation of SEMP-establishment and completion of SOC (State of the Coast)-Batangas Marine Protected Area Network-Institutionalization of Bats. Bantay Dagat & Verde Island Passage Marine Corridor
2. Forest Management -Nursery for Phil. Teak in Lobo-Mangrove Rehabilitation and conservation
3. Watershed Rehabilitation project -Identification of watershed/greenbelt plantation(Lobo, Mabini, S. Nicolas, Agoncillo, Lipa City)-tree planting activities ( Lemery, Mabini, Rosario )
4. Provincial Environmental Solid waste Management project Monitoring activities
5. Mines & GeoSciences Management - Processed, evaluated, investigated, inspected gravel/quarrying activities, enforcement of applicable laws-Task Force Likas Yaman Operation


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